T O  S T A R T  &  S H A R E

T O  S T A R T  &  S H A R E

GF= Gluten Free

PB= Plant-Based 

Guac and Chips // 9.25  PB GF

made fresh every day; chunky avocado with pico de gallo 

Chicharrones  // 7 PB 

Plant-based pork rinds with a side of Valentina

Flautas  // 15

5 flour tortillas filled with cheese and topped with lettuce, pico de gallo, crema & a side of warm salsa verde

Chicken Tostaditas // 15.5 GF

Four corn tostaditas with mashed beans, chicken tinga, shaved lettuce, pico de gallo, drizzled crema, queso & lemon-pickled onions

Queso Fundido // 16 (Vegetarian) GF

Beer-melted cheese with grilled onions, vegan chorizo & side of tortillas

Sopa de tortilla // 10.5 (Vegetarian) GF

Chile guajillo broth served with tortilla strips, cilantro, onions, radishes, drizzled crema, queso & avocado slices  ++ add chicken // 3.5

Chilaquiles // 12.85  GF

Fried tortilla chips smothered in enchilada sauce, your choice of meat, crema, queso, beans & onions   ++ add guac // 3.75

$6 each or mix & match 3 for $16  (gluten free tortillas) 

L O S  T A C O S

L O S  T A C O S

Beef Barbacoa

Slow cooked beef sirloin, seasoned Morelos style, topped with onions, cilantro, shaved radishes & a lime wedge.

Tinga de Pollo

Pulled chicken in chipotle tinga (mild) topped with crema, queso, lemon-pickled onions, avocado & cilantro.

Tacos al Pastor 

Pork braised in Cuernavaca style adobo, with pickled onions, cilantro & grilled pina.

Taco de Coliflor PB

Vegan beer-battered cauliflower tossed in guajillo adobo, avocado crema, pickled onions & cilantro.

Tofu Chorizo PB

Organic tofu chorizo and potatoes, topped with cashew crema, lemon-pickled onion & cilantro


Nopales (cactus) PB

Chopped cactus (we took the prickles out!) in a tomatillo sauce with potatoes, topped with cashew crema, pickled onions & cilantro.

T H E  M A I N  E V E N T

T H E  M A I N  E V E N T

Beef Barbacoa Huarache // 15   

Hand-pressed corn dough with beans, slow cooked beef barbacoa, crema, queso, avocado crema, cilantro & pickled onions.

Burrito  // 14.5 

Burrito stuffed with mashed beans, Mexican rice, your choice of protein, lettuce, pico de gallo, crema & queso.  ++ add guac // 3.75

Burrito Ahogado // 17  

Burrito stuffed with beans, Mexican rice, your choice of meat, onions, drowned in enchilada sauce, topped with avocado slices, crema, queso & cilantro.

Hugo's Bowl  // 14.85  GF

Rice, beans, your choice of meat; topped with lettuce, pico de gallo, lemon-pickled onions, radishes, crema & queso. ++ add Guac // 3.75 (can be made vegan)

Famous Taco Loco // 14  

Some call it Chimichanga, others a fried burrito, but to Hugo it's a Taco Loco, stuffed with beans, rice, onions & your choice of meat. Topped with shaved lettuce, pico de gallo, crema & queso.

Quesadilla (fried or grilled) // 14.85 (Vegetarian) GF

A Mexican market favourite, corn dough, fried or grilled, stuffed with queso, topped with shaved lettuce, pico de gallo, crema & queso. ++ add meat //3.5

Enchiladas de Pollo // 16.85  GF

Corn tortillas, rolled up and stuffed with chicken or cheese to make vegetarian,  smothered in enchilada sauce (choose Verde or Rojas) topped with shaved lettuce, pico de gallo, crema & queso. Served with a side of Mexican rice & mashed beans.

Chile Relleno  // 17  

Egg battered poblano pepper stuffed with cheese, smothered in enchilada sauce, topped with crema, queso, cilantro, and a side of rice & beans.

Tacos Acorazados // 14.85  GF

Two corn tortillas served with rice, your choice of meat, onions, cilantro, pico de gallo and a side of beans.



4 CHURROS! // 9 PB

+ add cajeta (goat's milk caramel) // 3


Churro Bowl // 10 PB

4 Churros dipped in 3 scoops of ice cream and drizzled with cajeta

Churro ice cream sandwich  // 11 PB

Salsa Bottles // 8  

We are proud to tell you that all our food is made here, from scratch, the hard way, with the freshest ingredients, no flavour enhancers, and no MSG...

E L  B A R

E L  B A R


Margarita de limon (double!) // 9  

Fresh lime ​juice, triple sec, and tequila shaken over ice.

Margarita Hawaiana // 9.5

Grilled pineapple puree shaken with mezcal, a dash of lime and with Jamaica sugar rim.

Jamaica Margarita // 9.5

Cold brewed hibiscus iced tea lemonade shaken with tequila. 

Coco Ron // 9.5

Made in- house coconut horchata stirred with Havana Rum and cinnamon.

Guava Mojito // 9

Muddled lime, fresh guava juice, mint, rum, and a splash of soda.

Hugo's Sangria (white or red) // 10

Wine, rum, fruit juices. 

*Spicy Orange Margarita // 9.5

Tequila, fresh orange juice, lime, tajin rim & jalapeño/cilantro infused triple sec.

*Piña Colada // 11

Coconut milk, pineapple juice, malibu, rose syrup, coconut rim

Cerveza (beer)




Make them Cheladas for $1 or micheladas for $1.5

Negra Modelo // 7.5

Modelo Especial // 7.5


Pacifico // 7.5

Corona  // 7.5


Hugo's sleeve // 7

Hugo's pint // 9

This weeks rotating tap

Old Yale Pink Grapefruit Rosemary Gose

Sleeve // 7.5

Pint // 9.5






Bacardi White $6 oz // $11 2oz

Havana $7 oz // $12 2oz


Bombay Sapphire $6 oz // $11 2oz


Wayne Gretzky n99 $7 oz // $12 2oz


Stolichnaya $6 oz // $11 2oz

Crystal Skull $9 oz // $16 2oz


1800 Silver $7 oz // $12 2oz

Casamigos Rep $11 oz// $19 2oz

Casamigos Blanco $11 oz// $19 2oz

Don Julio Blanco $11 oz// $19 2oz


Fandango $9 oz// $16 2oz

Casamigos $11 oz// $18 2oz



Da Silva Merlot Malbec //$7 6oz //$9.5 9oz  

2018 Moon Curser Syrah // $32 BTL



Da Silva Pinot Gris Viognier //$7 6oz //$9.5 9oz  

2019 Black Star Pinot Gris  //$7.25 6oz // $10.5 9oz // $32 BTL



2019 Corcelettes Oracle // $32 Btl



Horchata // 5.5


Jamaica // 5.5

Limonda // 5

Jarritos // 3.5

Pineapple // Lime  //  Strawberry

Soda // 2.5

Coke // Diet Coke //  Iced Tea // Ginger Ale

Coffee // 3

Non Alcoholic



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